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Did you know that all six species of billfish found in the Pacific Ocean frequent Australia waters? It's one of the best places in the world to catch all six. Read about this world-class fishing hotspot.

Tourists from Australia are bringing home 100 animals a year from their ‘Canned Hunting’ African excursions.

A vicious shark fight off the coast of Australia is caught on video. Check it out for yourself.

Time for spring fishing already? It is if you live Down Under, mate! Find out how Aussies fish for salmon in this unique report.

Australian tourists capture amazing shots of a monster croc dining on an unsuspecting large bull shark.

File this one under "Extreme Fishing Adventures" Few people go out on their kayak to target a marlin. Most would consider this apex ocean...

Thanks to outdoor television shows, we all get a glimpse of hunting on the other side of the earth, mainly New Zealand and Australia,...

Wildlife officials in Australia have put out a red alert to be on the lookout for a drunken pig.