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When bears and deer match up, the deer seldom wins. See a violent bear attack take place in a suburban backyard.

Hunters become the hunted when a pissed off leopard attacks their safari truck, almost getting close enough to rip them to pieces.

A Colorado man is lucky to be alive after 3 coyotes attack him on his way to work. The man walking to work was surprised to see coyotes rush out of the dark and attack him. Check out the full report.

Wanna see what happens when animals attack? This video shows just what happens when animal instincts take over.

Wild boar can be frightening. Good thing these mini ponies were there to save the day.

Pinned to the ground by an enraged bear? The Back Attack Pack could offer you a fighting chance.

There have been about 31 black bear encounters in North America over the last century, but you’ve never heard of one like this.

The thought of a bear attack sounds vicious, but this may be the most non-threatening bear attack ever!

A giant moose attacks a pickup truck to protect her young. Check out this wild video.

In two separate incidents involving great white sharks, lucky anglers were survived some harrowing incidents. Find out what happened to them.