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Crazy Animal Attacks [VIDEO]

You can never let your guard down in the wild.

Jaguar Attacks, Hauls Off Crocodile [VIDEO]

Watch as an intrepid jaguar blitz-attacks an unsuspecting crocodile.

Bear Takes Down Deer in Colorado Man’s Backyard [VIDEO]

When bears and deer match up, the deer seldom wins. See a violent bear attack take place in a suburban backyard.

Great Whites Attack Kayak Anglers

In two separate incidents involving great white sharks, lucky anglers were survived some harrowing incidents. Find out what happened to them.

Bowhunter Takes 525-lb. Black Bear with Bare Hands

A hunter kills a 525-pound black bear with his bare hands. Read the amazing story.

Moose Confronts Snowmobilers [VIDEO]

A snowmobiling couple encounters a moose in Maine at point blank range. Let's just say the moose is in no mood for a meet-and-greet.

Could You Survive a Bear Attack?

While black bear attacks on humans are rare, when it does happen, the black bear is usually intent upon killing it's prey. Make sure you're not in the black bear's sights.

Unarmed Alaska Man Fights Grizzly to Protect Family

“The bear is coming, it’s coming towards us!” Find out how an unarmed man protected his family from an attacking bear.