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Field Test: Excalibur Matrix 310 Crossbow

A week in the Wyoming wilderness will test the mettle of any gear. Check out how the Excalibur Matrix 310 held up.

The True Force Behind Lethal Arrow Shots

When it comes to lethal arrow hits, momentum beats speed.

Speed vs. Weight: What Makes For the Best Arrow?

Which is better, a light, fast arrow or a slower, heavier shaft that carries more mass to the target? One expert weighs in. Do you agree?

Shoot Your Crossbow Like a Pro

There are many subtleties to the art of crossbow shooting. Novices and those with experience would do well to review this checklist of tips.

Jump Arrow Speed Without Increasing Draw Weight

Most tweaks to archery gear may boost arrow speed from one to five feet per second, yet the new Equalizer release can boost your...