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Deer Kills Deer on Arizona Strip [VIDEO]

The rut drives deer to extreme behaviors, as you'll see in this savage buck fight.

Arizona Declares War on Burros

Wild burros are a huge nuisance in Arizona. The state is ready to take drastic action.

RoboDeer Catches Poachers

What’s part robot and part animal? Arizona’s new solution to capturing poachers in action. Hopefully this robotic deer will cause poachers to think twice.

The Line Starts Here for the Grand Canyon Buffalo and Lion...

This hunt for American bison and mountain lion along the Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the most unique we've heard of.

Beavers Win At Havasu

Find out what was reeled in during the recent FLW College Fishing Western Conference tournament on Lake Havasu, in Arizona.

Sign Up Early for Great Elk and Pronghorn Antelope Hunting

Arizona public lands contain many animals of trophy size. If you're looking for great elk or pronghorn antelope hunting, it's the place for you.

Collectors Flock to Shed Antlerfest 2014

Shed antler hunting is an exciting hobby that will keep you in shape and put a few bucks in your pocket. An upcoming expo will draw to antler collectors from across the U.S.

Wild Sheep Catch and Release [VIDEO]

Redistributing populations of wild sheep is a critical part of their population recovery, yet how do you catch animals that live at the top of the world? Watch this video for an inside look at this impressive project.

The Best States for Elk Hunting

Elk hunting is the most challenging, adventurous, and accessible hunt in North America. Every hunter needs to try it at least once. Here's where you should plan to go.