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The New Mexico record bighorn sheep taken with a bow is a sight to see.

If you can no longer handle shooting a heavy draw weight, the Draw-Loc In-Line device may be the answer. It attaches easily and allows you to shoot comfortably and accurately. Read our full review.

Watch a skilled bowman hit a target from 300 yards away.

We check out a new product to see if it will solve a longtime dilemma for many archers.

Learn about the benefits of a vertical crossbow in this impressive video.

When you begin shooting a compound or crossbow, you may well need the full 20-inch face of the standard BLOCK target. Still, the introduction...

Have you ever been sitting there, bow in hand and have a massive elk walk up behind you close enough to touch? Me neither! This video shows just that... and is absolutely amazing.

The Shooting Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show (SHOT) amasses 50,000 industry specialists for the introduction of scores of new products. Griffin's Guide Editor Joe...

Archery gear doesn't change at the same rate as cell phones and tablets, thankfully, but the creative juices have been flowing across the archery...

Every hunter dreams about bagging a monster buck, a beast with massive antlers and gangs of points, yet no matter how skillful a woodsman...