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How to Repair a 3-D Target

That old sun-beaten 3D target in your backyard with a fist-size hole through it doesn’t have to be donated to the landfill. Instead, revitalize it for about $6 bucks.

Here’s How Not to Shoot a Compound Bow [VIDEO]

Don't be like the poor chap in this video... Learn the proper way to grip and handle your compound bow.

Unbelievable Archery Trick Shots [VIDEO]

These impressive archery shots will leave you wondering how they did it.

Elephant Taken Down with Single Arrow [VIDEO]

Jack Brittingham takes down a world-class elephant with one arrow.

Bow Head Shot on a Rattler [VIDEO]

Can an arrow take out a mature rattlesnake? Watch this video to see how that scenario plays out.

New Air Gun Shoots Arrows [VIDEO]

Check out this new air gun that shoots an arrow.

How to Choose an Accurate Arrow Rest [VIDEO]

With so many rests to choose from, which is best for your style of shooting? We examine the three main kinds of rests and take a close look at each style.

Perfect Bowhunting Kill Shot on a Bull Elk [VIDEO]

Check out this perfect kill shot on a bull elk.

Exploding Arrowhead! Bow Mag .357 Magnum [VIDEO]

Can an arrow fire a .357 magnum round? This video puts that concept to the test.

PSE Offers Reward for Stolen Bows

PSE Archery offers a reward for information on stolen bows.