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Seeing bucks in velvet is always exciting; you'll be shocked at the of their antlers by mid-June. Check out the video to see for yourself.

While searching for the carcass of a coyote, two Canadian hunters found what their prey had been preying on. Shawn Artindale and Gerry Williams of...

This unique video captures an elk shedding its antlers, a natural act rarely captured on video. Don't miss this one.

Antlers are truly amazing and one of nature's wonders. The more you know, the more you ask, "How do they do that?" Read on and prepare to be awed.

Shed antler hunting is an exciting hobby that will keep you in shape and put a few bucks in your pocket. An upcoming expo will draw to antler collectors from across the U.S.

Hunters come across a deer that's antler-locked with the gutted carcass of a recent foe. Can they save the victor before coyotes return to claim a second victim?

Finding a shed antler is like a discovering a message in a bottle. Whether large or small, the castaway bone mass says that I...

Deer antlers are one of the true wonders of nature. For example, a mature bull Yellowstone elk will grow more bone on its head in one...

"Hunters love antlers," write Realtree's Will Brantley and Tony Hansen in an editorial that's sure to stir up plenty of discussion. This obsession with...

Whitetail deer antlers are a marvel of nature. Some members of the deer family grow as much bone in a single season as is...