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Easy DIY Antler Mount

This easy project will help you remember your hunt for a lifetime.

What Causes a Buck to Lose Its Antlers?

Do you know why whitetails lose their antlers? Understanding the reason will make you a more successful shed hunter.

Buck Sheds His Antlers When Shot [VIDEO]

A buck sheds his antlers when shot with an arrow. Check out the bizarre video.

Shed Hunting: A Dog’s Life

Do you want to find more shed antlers? Best to put a dog to work for you; here's how to get started.

Find More Sheds This Spring

If you want to find more shed antlers, we've got the information you need to score some nice racks.

This Guy Has Collected 15,000+ Antlers

Sure, it's fun to search for shed antlers, but is there a thing as overdoing it? Meet James Phillips, owner of more than 15,000 antlers.

See Buck’s Antlers Grow Over Time via Trail Cam Footage [VIDEO]

Watch as this buck matures through the eyes of a trail camera.

The Final Step of Caping: Antlers and Measurements [VIDEO]

Proper measurements are essential for your taxidermist. Learn how to do it the right way.

You’ll Love These Great Suggestions for DIY Antler Creations

Check out these easy DIY projects for your well-earned deer antlers.

Police Save Deer by Tasing It [VIDEO]

When police get a call about a fight in progress, they're not usually expecting to have to break it up by tasing an agitated buck. See this bizarre event on video.