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Largest Whitetail Rack Ever [VIDEO]

This whitetail can hardly hold up his head.

Giant Mule Deer Sheds Antlers [VIDEO]

Watch as a monster mule deer sheds its antler right before your eyes.

How Fast Do Antlers Grow? [VIDEO]

The growth cycle of a whitetail's rack is impressive; see how antlers grow over the course of 200+ days.

5 Ways Deer Antlers Can Save Your Life

Here are five pieces of survival gear that you can make from antler scraps.

7 Reasons You’re Not Finding Shed Antlers

Here are some great tips to help you find deer sheds this spring.

See an Antler Trap in Action [VIDEO]

Does an antler trap work? See for yourself.

How to Build a Shed Antler Trap [VIDEO]

Learn how to build a trap that will cause a buck to shed his antlers.

Easy DIY Antler Mount

This easy project will help you remember your hunt for a lifetime.

What Causes a Buck to Lose Its Antlers?

Do you know why whitetails lose their antlers? Understanding the reason will make you a more successful shed hunter.

Buck Sheds His Antlers When Shot [VIDEO]

A buck sheds his antlers when shot with an arrow. Check out the bizarre video.