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Another hunting world record has fallen; this time for pronghorn antelope. You’ve got to see the set of horns on the new record holder!

Pronghorn antelope are abundant across the West and make for an exciting hunt. Learn the single best way to get close to this magnificent animal.

As sweat poured from my brow, I scanned the horizon for antelope. Any antelope. The temperature inside my hunting blind had long passed 95°...

Pronghorn antelope rut from early through late September, and using a decoy is the most exciting means of bagging one. Be warned, however, your...

Pronghorn antelope typically live in arid terrain where water and alfalfa are at a premium; this tends to concentrate speed-goat populations around any abundant...

One of the unique aspects of pronghorn antelope hunting in the American West is visibility. Unlike whitetail deer, elk, and other species that thrive...