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New Copper Bullet Offers Hunters More Control

A new copper bullet offers hunters a shooting option that satisfies non-lead ordinances.

Why is Hornady Tracking Bullets by Doppler Radar? The Answer May...

For nearly a century, bullet performance has been measured by chronograph. Now, Hornady is using the Doppler radar to track bullets in flight. Find out what their research has revealed.

Army to Allow Hollowpoint Ammo for New Pistol

In a surprising break from decades of compliance with a 19th century treaty, the Army has said it will likely allow its troops to use hollowpoint and frangible ammunition in its handguns.

Can a Zippo Lighter Stop a .22? [VIDEO]

Check out the video to see if a Zippo lighter can fend off a .22.

What’s Causing the Ammo Shortage?

Rumors abound regarding ammunition sales in the U.S. — mainly because store shelves seem perpetually empty of all types of ammo and consumers want...

Take a Bite Out of High Ammo Prices

Americans have, unfortunately, become accustomed to gasoline shortages that cause prices to soar for often-mysterious reasons. But the recent run on ammunition has many...

Five Tips For More Accurate Shooting

These five tools are critical if you are serious about accuracy while shooting.