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Alligators can grow to immense size, as this family learned while hunting. They came across a behemoth weighing in at more than half a ton. Check out the impressive pictures.

A python bursts after making a meal out of a gator, leaving everyone baffled as to what exactly happened.

Here's how to skin, de-bone, and flesh out an alligator. Just in case you were wondering how it's done.

Some record size gators were recently taken in Ole Miss. Find out how just how big they were.

Let’s just say the pending world-record gator didn’t like to eat slowly.

Mississippi may be known mostly as the birthplace of Elvis Presley, and for the infamous Mississippi River, but now "home of record-breaking alligators" can...

Hunting alligators is the closest you can get to hunting a dinosaur, which is a bragging point all its own. But hunting them is...

A Texas teen and his dad got more than they bargained for after being selected as two of the lucky recipients of 10 alligator...