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A 9-foot bear shot by a homeowner is a reminder of what it means to live in the Alaskan wilderness.

This stranded moose calf got a little help from a kayaker in Alaska’s Little Susitna River.

This lingcod is so focused on grabbing onto a fish that it doesn't realize it's actually the prey. This is a mighty impressive video; check it out.

Watch a ton of eagles go after some fish in the back of a truck in an Alaska parking lot.

On Kodiak Island, a guide calls an enormous brown bear within 12 feet; check out the thrilling bowhunting action in this up-close video.

Two veterans will embark on ultimate outdoor adventure dreamed up by Griffin's Guide Editor Joe Byers.

You can't really experience Alaska from a cruise ship. Find out why an active fishing or hunting adventure is what you've been dreaming of.

Back in the 1950s and '6os, hunts in Alaska and the Canadian Rockies were often safari-style. In those days, hunts could last 21 to...

Every outdoor minded person has dreamed of living in Alaska and enjoying the tremendous hunting and fishing adventures the state has to offer. For...

If you've ever tended a garden, you've likely encountered shrews and the havoc they wreak with their tunneling, chewing, and ruining of plants. Getting...