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A National Guardsman in Alaska happened upon a sow and her cubs, with nearly fatal results. Here's the full shocking story.

Watch to see what happens as an Alaskan bush pilot tries to land his float plane.

Free-roaming reindeer can be found in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska and make for a most unusual hunt. And no, you won't wind up on the "naughty" list for doing it. Get all the details here.

A lucky angler lands the heaviest Alaskan halibut ever. So why didn't he make the record books?

A 9-foot bear shot by a homeowner is a reminder of what it means to live in the Alaskan wilderness.

This stranded moose calf got a little help from a kayaker in Alaska’s Little Susitna River.

This lingcod is so focused on grabbing onto a fish that it doesn't realize it's actually the prey. This is a mighty impressive video; check it out.

Watch a ton of eagles go after some fish in the back of a truck in an Alaska parking lot.

On Kodiak Island, a guide calls an enormous brown bear within 12 feet; check out the thrilling bowhunting action in this up-close video.

Two veterans will embark on ultimate outdoor adventure dreamed up by Griffin's Guide Editor Joe Byers.