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Hannah Barron Catches Giant Catfish with Bare Hands [VIDEO]

See Hannah Barron land a huge catfish with her bare hands!

A Unique Cactus Whitetail Buck

You won’t believe how weird this buck’s antlers are!

Alabama Hunter Kills Dwarf Deer

This might be one of the smallest bodied whitetails we've ever seen. What's the smallest you've taken?

This Was the Last Thing Taxidermists Were Expecting to Find Inside...

Alligators are known to eat just about anything they can get their jaws around. Imagine the surprise of taxidermist Ken Owens when he cut into the stomach of a 15-foot alligator, weighing more than a half ton, and found... Well, why ruin the surprise? Read the full story.

World Record Gator Goes Public

Alligators can grow to immense size, as this family learned while hunting. They came across a behemoth weighing in at more than half a ton. Check out the impressive pictures.

5 Places to Find Spotted Bass

Spotted bass are native to the Coosa River in Alabama and can be found in many of the Gulf states. Within their fisheries, there are usually largemouth as well. If you want to target spots, don't miss this useful guide.

Record Alabama Snapper Caught

An Alabama angler recently got to experience first-hand what an 85-lb. cubera snapper could do. This is a beast of a fish.

Alabama Becomes Third State to Legalize Suppressors

Alabama now allows the use of suppressors for hunting, which offers sportsmen reduced recoil and much less risk of ear damage. Will other states follow suit?

Hunting with Suppressors [VIDEO]

Suppressors (silencers) are rarely used in hunting in the United States, but that may change. Are suppressors coming to your state? Should they? Watch the video and then weigh in with your opinion.

15th Annual Muzzy Bowfishing Classic Open for Registration

It's often difficult to combine hunting and fishing in the same day, yet the annual Muzzy Bowfishing Classic in Alabama offers the best of...