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Aimpoint Crossbow Safari a Smashing Success

Red dot scopes are ideal for crossbow hunting. We field-tested three Aimpoint models on a recent African safari.

Aimpoint PRO Sight Survives House Fire

Aimpoint scopes are known for durability. This one survived a house fire. We've got the pictures to prove it.

Our Favorite Scope for Turkey Hunting

A red-dot scope makes an outstanding turkey sight. Find out which brand our expert calls his favorite.

Long-Range Muzzleloading

The big buck's antlers contrasted sharply against the prairie grass as the big 9-point moved steadily closer from one coulee to another, appearing and disappearing...

Teton Tested: Mission MXB-320

My Wyoming archery elk hunt was a weather adventure. The floods that ravished Colorado spilled into Wyoming and my week saw frequent downpours, wild...

Red Dot Scopes for Crossbows

We're setting up a new crossbow for an elk hunt and experimenting with sights. Check out what we've learned.

Turkey-Tested Deer Gear

My recent turkey safari to South Dakota was colder, and with worse weather, than most deer hunts. When hunting the Great Plains in spring,...