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Visiting Hunters Add Nearly $.5B to African Economy

In many rural areas, hunting is one of the few sustainable land uses that offers economic opportunity and incentives for conservation.

Zebra Kicks Lion in Face During Brutal Attack [VIDEO]

This zebra refused to go down easy for this hungry lion. Watch this incredible interaction.

Buffalo Protect Each Other from Lions [VIDEO]

Watch these buffalo step in to protect one of their own from attacking lions.

Leopard Stalks and Catches a Steenbok [VIDEO]

Watch as a leopard catches a small African antelope.

Hyenas Fight Lions Over a Kill [VIDEO]

Watch this battle between lions and hyenas. Place your bets!

Buffalo Sends Croc Flying [VIDEO]

You won't believe what happens when a crocodile thinks he can bully a big bull buffalo.

Lion Turns the Table on Hunter in Intense Footage [VIDEO]

Watch as this lion dies crashing into a hunter he was hoping to eat.

Elephant Attacks and Kills Resting Buffalo

A female elephant protects her family from a resting buffalo. What was captured on film is amazing.

Crazy Fight Between 2 African Black Bucks [VIDEO]

Watch as two African black bucks square off in an epic battle.

Hippo Kills Stuck Impala [VIDEO]

This impala thought he could escape a lion by retreating to the safety of a mud hole. It was dead wrong.