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Red dot scopes are ideal for crossbow hunting. We field-tested three Aimpoint models on a recent African safari.

Take a look at ScentBlocker's Trinity Alpha gear, which we just field-tested on an African safari.

A Zimbabwe court charges a game-park owner over the illegal hunt that ended in the killing of Cecil the Lion. Get the full story here.

Two alleged rhino poachers were killed by Kenya Wildlife Service officers. Here's the full story.

Few humans survive being charged by a lion. See a video of one safari hunter whose split-second action saved his life.

An American hunter has killed Cecil the lion, one of Africa's most beloved icons and a long-time boom for tourism for the nation of Zimbabwe. The international furor that has ensued include death threats to the hunter, Walter Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota. Was this a simple mistake or a calculated kill? Read our article and weigh in with your thoughts.

Journey to the exotic African nation of Lesotho, where these fly anglers have traveled to catch trophy rainbow trout.

With giant teeth and a ferocious attitude, African tigerfish are dominant, terrifying predators; they've even been known to work together to take on larger land animals. See them up close in this video.

Volunteers with Volunteer South Africa are shown how they can help conserve Africa’s wildlife by teaching Cheetahs to hunt.

Witness two age-old enemies in action as the unusual-looking shoebill stork stalks a lungfish in an African lake.