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Zebra Kicks Lion in Face During Brutal Attack [VIDEO]

This zebra refused to go down easy for this hungry lion. Watch this incredible interaction.

Buffalo Protect Each Other from Lions [VIDEO]

Watch these buffalo step in to protect one of their own from attacking lions.

Leopard Stalks and Catches a Steenbok [VIDEO]

Watch as a leopard catches a small African antelope.

Hyenas Fight Lions Over a Kill [VIDEO]

Watch this battle between lions and hyenas. Place your bets!

Buffalo Sends Croc Flying [VIDEO]

You won't believe what happens when a crocodile thinks he can bully a big bull buffalo.

Lion Turns the Table on Hunter in Intense Footage [VIDEO]

Watch as this lion dies crashing into a hunter he was hoping to eat.

Elephant Attacks and Kills Resting Buffalo

A female elephant protects her family from a resting buffalo. What was captured on film is amazing.

Crazy Fight Between 2 African Black Bucks [VIDEO]

Watch as two African black bucks square off in an epic battle.

Hippo Kills Stuck Impala [VIDEO]

This impala thought he could escape a lion by retreating to the safety of a mud hole. It was dead wrong.

Elephant Stabs and Kills Buffalo [VIDEO]

Here's why you don't cheese-off an elephant, even if you're as big as a buffalo. Watch as the grey behemoth stabs and kills his enemy with just his tusks.