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Tweaks… Why is it you can’t use a lure out of the box as-is? Even if you have, and you’ve caught fish with them, you’ll run into someone who will look at your “cash money go-to surefire lure” and say something like, “Those are nice, but have you ever tried (fill in the blank)?” Am I right? You know I am.

Some of my favorite fishing lures are irons, metal lures from manufacturers like Salas and Tady. There’s a whole ritual to picking them out and then “tuning” them for maximum fish catch-ability. Wired2Fish asked their readers for their favorite bass lure tweaks; here are five of their favorites.

DoubleSplitRingsTackle modifications that will help you catch more fish.

One of the best parts of our job is when we have the privilege of communicating with our readers. We read every email and comment from our readers and we always appreciate and enjoy your feedback. Just as we hope to keep our readers up-to-date on the latest fishing information, we often learn some pretty cool tips from our fans as well. In the past few months, several of our readers have commented on our feature pieces with their own tackle modification ideas.

Being the bass fishing addicts that we are, we’ve tried many of these ideas and have been impressed with the functionality and simplicity of them. In order to keep you “in the know”, we have compiled a list of some of our readers’ simple ideas that will help you get the most out of your fishing day.

Photos: Wired2Fish


Are you and yours in love with hunting? Why not partner your skills and take the relationship to the next level, just like Ralph and Vickie or Lee and Tiffany?

Video technology has taken such giant steps that you can practically film a hunt on an iPhone. And why not? Think of the time and great adventures you can share together. How many times have you watched a TV show and thought, I could do that? Well, now you can. Who knows, you might become the next big TV star.

Jon & Gina Brunson, hosts of the award-winning Addicted to the Outdoors (ATTO) television show (as seen on The Outdoor Channel), are back at it for round 2014 SD Turkey 3 054two on their search for the next ATTO couples. Last year’s search was a great success for the Brunsons, and they’re hoping for an even bigger response this go-round. Are you married with kids, in love, or dating someone who’s just as addicted to the outdoors as you? Is one of your dreams to host an outdoor TV show with your partner? Participate in the Addicted Couples Casting Call right from your computer or mobile device. Submit a video showing your on-camera personality and passion for hunting, along with the Addicted Couples application.

After reviewing all submissions, the ATTO crew will pick out their favorite couples to interview with Jon, Gina, and their producers via video chat. Winners will then have one of their hunts filmed for TV. That’s right, it’s lights, camera, action! And you’ll be the stars! Several couples’ hunts will be filmed with the intent to be a full-length episode of Addicted to the Outdoors for the 2015 television season. Click here for video details.


Gamehide’s new ElimiTick clothing is to turkey hunting what the safety harness is to deer hunters. Camo patterns have become so advanced that you may be  looking for additional benefits to guide your next purchase, and what better perk than a fabric that repels ticks?

I had the opportunity to try the new ElimiTick clothing in a Mossy Oak pattern on a five-day turkey hunt and wore the outfit every day. And with good reason: Lyme’s disease is a dreadful ailment that should be on the mind of every outdoors person. One bite form an infected tick can cause a lifetime of pain and disability, quite possibly ending your hunting career. Here’s what I liked about the new duds:

It comes with zippered breast pockets. Having your hunting license and tags handy is critical to any out-of-state hunting trip. Before heading out, I signed my licenses and tucked it into one pocket where it could be easily accessed. The other pocket held my cell phone and kept my diaphragm callers easily accessible and secure. These pockets are ideal for your go-to calls and other small gear.

The camo pattern had a light green tint that was an excellent match for spring foliage. The material was quiet and comfortable. On y first day afield, the temperature reached nearly 80 degrees and two days later plunged to single digits. Of course, one set of clothing can’t handle these temperature extremes, yet layering was very effective, and I was comfortable at all temperature levels.

You will look sharp. My bunk on the hunt was a small bed in a camping trailer where most gear landed in a pile at the end of the day, yet the shirt and pants didn’t wrinkle. The suit was very lightweight, and packed easily in any bag or backpack.

A tick repellent, the scent from the chrysanthemum plant, is implanted into the fabric of this Gamehide product, yet you won’t smell it. The gear is designed to withstand 70 washings, the life of most hunting garments.

Turkey hunting is an excellent portal to the world of hunting, whether you’re introducing your spouse or a youngster for the first time. Like the infamous rabbit hole, once you’re immersed, hunting and nature become a land of Oz, with its all-encompassing wonder.

This video is not only exciting, but also emphasizes a number of important points for beginners. First, the hay bale blind allows first-timers to be comfortable and not confined to statue-like rigor. Secondly, it allows the mentor to talk the newbie through the action, explaining what the birds are doing and coaching through the shot. Each girl uses a “field pod” that helps with accuracy and aiming, while shooting muffs reduce percussion and makes the shot more tolerable to youngsters.

You’ll find great information and lots of action in this video from GrowingDeer.TV.


It’s salmon season here in California. Well, technically, it’s preseason. The season opened on April 4 and despite all the concern over the drought, anglers and marine biologists alike are expecting a very healthy return of king salmon (aka chinook) to come back to spawn in California rivers. This preseason extends through the end of April, at which point the Pacific Fisheries Management Council will make a determination on the rest of the season.

Early results have been good. Virg’s Landing out of Morro Bay, California, reported limits on some of their trips during opening weekend. Read what the experts are predicting for this year’s California salmon season.

virg_salmon_calThe celebrated king salmon of the West Coast won’t be as abundant as last year, but ocean fishermen can still expect to reel them in by the score despite a third year of drought and potentially dire conditions in California rivers, fisheries biologists said Wednesday.

The National Marine Fisheries Servicepredicted Wednesday that 634,650 fall-run chinook salmon from the Sacramento river system would be out in the ocean this year, a good sign for local commercial and recreational fishermen and women whose livelihoods aren’t likely to be threatened by major restrictions.

“The abundance forecast is pretty large,” saidMichael O’Farrell, a fisheries service biologist, during a presentation at a California Department of Fish and Wildlife meeting in Santa Rosa packed with at least 150 fishermen, biologists, educators and government administrators.

Photos: Virg’s Landing


It wasn’t that long ago that a majority of the country was locked into a winter weather pattern. My social-media feed was filled with posts reading something like, “I can’t wait ’til summer to go fishing!” Well, now that spring has sprung, it’s definitely not too early to think about summer and making those plans to make some new summer fishing memories.

In my region, that means it’s time to look at the calendar, pick some dates, and get your buddies together to head offshore to fish for tuna, dorado, and other pelagic species. Wherever you may be, though, summer offers a variety of fishing opportunities. Here’s an oldie but goodie from Field & Stream to remind you.

summerfishing9When rivers heat up in late summer, smallmouths can get downright lazy. The same fish that charged fast-moving streamers and poppers earlier in the season often take to feeding at night, and if your river is loaded with late-summer shad or herring fry, getting bass to eat fur and feathers becomes even harder.

Delaware River smallmouth guide Joe Demalderis (cross​current​guide​service.com) gets around this by leaning on bugs tied with synthetic fur and fiber for the salt, such as a Mushmouth. Flies tied with Angel Hair or Puglisi Fiber retain more buoyancy and a wider profile when wet compared with flies using feathers, bucktail, and rabbit fur, which take on water and sink faster.

Demalderis casts those artificials on the outside of bait schools or in the deeper, slower runs summer smallmouths frequent, and lets them fall broadside with the current. Whereas a Zonker or Clouser would sink away quickly, these synthetic baitfish imitators flutter down slowly, presenting a more accurate representation of a dying baitfish—and an easier target for lazy bass. Even if you don’t want to use saltwater flies, incorporating some synthetic fur geared for the salt into your favorite smallmouth patterns can up your dog-day catch rate.

Photo credits: Field & Stream