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I’m a fan of Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Judging from the viewer numbers coming in on the popular TV event, now in its 27th year, it’s pretty safe to say a lot of other people are fans as well.

I’ve noticed that a lot of advertisers and media outlets are jumping in on the shark craze in their own way. SyFy Channel was recently playing something called Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda. While I’m sure that movie was entertaining, it couldn’t possibly match up with the show these Australian tourists viewed on a riverboat nature cruise. Unfortunately for the shark in this story, this battle didn’t play out in its favor.

croc_soloThis large bull shark might have thought it was safe to go back in the water. But he didn’t count on Brutus, Adelaide River’s most famous and fearsome resident, who showed the shark who was the true king of the waterway.

The 5.5-metre croc has become an international sensation, one of the Top End’s biggest tourist drawcards and a frequent star of the NT News.

Brutus, who is thought to be more than 80 years old, is also known for his missing front leg. The story goes that the limb was lost in a shark attack.

Yesterday, in front of about 25 passengers on the regular 11am cruise, Brutus took his revenge. The moment was captured by Sydneysider Andrew Paice, who is travelling around Australia with his wife Nikki Beaumont and their daughter Madison, 6.

Photos: The Daily Telegraph


Two new Western-themed targets from Birchwood Casey add a lot of excitement to practice sessions, all while serving a very useful purpose for archers and muzzleloading sportsmen.

3-D archery elk targets can be quite large and very expensive. At approximately two feet by four feet, these paper images aren’t life-size, but they’re large enough to teach the importance of shot placement.

Archers and muzzleloaders should avoid aiming at the shoulder on an elk, like a centerfire rifleman, as the heavy shoulder muscles and shoulder blade often reduces penetration to a few inches, and neither the muzzleloading lead bullet or broadhead will enter the vitals. Now, a new set of well-marked targets from Birchwood Casey will help you zero in on the critical lung area, a shot on elk that is quickly lethal. Here are the details.

byers011The new Eze-Scorer Animal Targets from Birchwood Casey offer shooters a cost effective way to get realistic practice while sighting in their gun or bow. Eze-Scorer Animal Targets are now available in high quality photo versions of both elk and mule deer. The non-adhesive heavyweight paper targets measure 23″x35″. Each target has the vitals outlined so shooters can easily see if their shots are effective. Eze-Scorer elk and mule deer targets come in packs of two and sell for $5.40.


Living in a home among wild animals makes each day a little extra exciting, especially when a deer, fox, or coyote shows up.

This family in Utah got quite a surprise when an adult moose decided to quench his thirst at the backyard sprinkler.

This isn’t just whistle-wetting, as you’ll see in this humorous video.

What strange activities have you seen critters perform in your neck of the woods? Tell the readers of Griffin’s Guide in the comments section below.

(Skateboarder + 40mph) x deer = a formula for disaster.

A skateboarder is out with a group of friends, picking up speed as they zoom down an empty road. Empty of cars, that is. Unfortunately for the skateboarder, a deer picks just the wrong moment to dart across the road, slamming into the hapless fellow, who wipes out at 40 mph, almost taking out a pedestrian at the same time.

Check out the video to see for yourself.

Ouch. That looked painful. Have you had any unpleasant run-ins with deer or other animals crossing the road? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


Take your scent stealth to the next level with these 10 scent-blocker products.

Learning how to control your natural scent and how to use animal scents as attractants are both essential deer hunting skills. Deer have a keen sense of smell, and if they catch a whiff of your scent downwind, you might go home without filling your tags.

It’s nearly impossible to eliminate all of your own natural scents, but there are several products that can helpy get you pretty darn close to odorlessness. These 10 scent control products will give you a stealthy edge in the field, and they’ll help you lure in the big bucks.

1. Scent-Lok Alpha Tech Jacket + Pants


The Scent-Lok Alpha Tech Jacket + Pants are made from a highly-breathable, moisture-wicking carbon technology that reduces your scent. Jacket Price: $169.99. Pants Price: $119.99

2. Scent Away Shower Kit


Purge your scent before you enter the field. The Scent Away Shower Kit includes bar soap, shampoo and conditioner, body foam and antiperspirant. Price: $17.99

3. Nose Jammer


Nose Jammer uses vanillin, a naturally occuring chemical compound, to disrupt deer’s sense of smell without alarming them. This is a handy scent-blocking spray to have with you to have if you’re in a tree stand or stalking. Price: $5.99

4. Code Blue EliminiX


Code Blue EliminiX odor spray with Silverzyme has two odor-fighting agents that kill bacteria, mold and viruses. Those deer will never smell you coming. Price: $11.99

5. Tink’s Trophy Buck Lure & Scent Bomb


Tink’s Trophy Buck Lure & Scent Bomb is a rutting odor that will bring the big bucks to you. It’s a combination of urine and gland secretions of dominant bucks that provokes a challenge to other dominant bucks in the field. Price: $9.99

6. Hunter’s Specialties Scent-A-Way Odorless Spray Kit


Scent-A-Way is another trusted brand in the scent blocker industry. The scent blockers in this three-piece kit will remove odors from your gear without degrading the materials. Price: $17.99

7. Scent Killer Gold


This combo pack from Scent Killer Gold will remove odors from your skin, clothes and hunting gear. You apply it wet or dry hours, days or weeks before you head into the field. Price: $17.95

8. ScentBlocker Pro Fleece Camo Watch Cap


Your scalp naturally produces some of the strongest odors on your body. The ScentBlocker Pro Fleece Camo Watch Cap brings those scents to a minimum while keeping your head warm and comfortable. Price: $22.49

9. Scent-Lok Vigilante Shooting Gloves


Scent-Lok Vigilante Shooting Gloves are made from Advanced Carbon Allow material that wisks moisture and natural scents away from your hands. These gloves are great for early-season hunts. Price: $26.99

10. Ozonics HR-200 Blind / Tree Stand Scent Control Unit


Ozonics HR-200 Blind / Tree Stand Scent Control Unit is the perfect scent blocker tool for your tree stand. It shoots out odor-busting molecules that will cover your tree stand zone so your stinky self doesn’t alert deer downwind. Price: $399.99


A hunter films himself dropping a nice buck, and you won’t believe what happens next…

This is one of those videos that makes the wonders of nature even more intriguing. Watch as a buck takes on a downed counterpart, one that can’t exactly fight back.

WARNING: Graphic content. Viewer discretion advised.

Whitetail bucks are extremely aggressive during the rut, and very territorial. When this big nine-point came to investigate the scene, though his rival was lifeless, he wasted no time showing who’s boss.

Have you witnessed anything like this during a hunt? Share your experiences with us at Griffin’s Guide!