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Kahr Arms introduces a knife with plenty of cutting power and leverage in a 2.5-inch blade that won't get you in trouble with the law.

A wolf summit is being held at Yellowstone National Park in late June. Find out whether your tax dollars are supporting anti-hunting organizations.

The American Whitetail Authority offers a competitive whitetail hunt using "digital" bullets. Find out more.

Youngsters with smaller frames can't effectively use firearms designed for adults. Savage Arms introduces an exciting new youth rifle that's a perfect fit. Check out the details.

Seeing bucks in velvet is always exciting; you'll be shocked at the of their antlers by mid-June. Check out the video to see for yourself.

An innovative video duck calling contest kicks off soon. Check it out!

Planting a food plot of trees will last a lifetime and provide soft and hard mast year after year.

Learning about Lyme Disease becomes part of a hunter's responsibility in Pennsylvania. Should other states follow suit?

Cooking with the right gear is a pleasure. But in remote areas, creating a hot meal can be a real challenge. This new product is perfect for cold outback hunts.

Read about how the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a leading defender of our right to hunt, is working to keep those rights secure.