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Alaska is such a harsh environment for hunters and fishers that almost any outing becomes an adventure safari. Follow along on the recent Wounder Warriors Project through this amazing landscape.

An American rookie takes the World Cup in last weekend's tournament in Switzerland. He's the third Mathews Pro Staffer in a row to claim the title. Read the full story.

If you're fortunate to bag an extra deer this year, why not donate it to the hungry? Read about one organization that allows hunters to make a difference.

Strange things happen to whitetail deer. Learn how one buck's mangled leg affected its antler growth.

Another hunting world record has fallen; this time for pronghorn antelope. You’ve got to see the set of horns on the new record holder!

The Boulder police officer who killed an elk will be on probation. Read the full story.

Check out this video to learn how to make the perfect grilled venison.

Pennsylvanians are upset about blue laws that prohibit Sunday hunting and they're doing something about it. Get the full details.

Iowa shows a marked increase in upland game bird populations, and hunters are in for a great season. Read the full report.

With fall turkey season upon us, here are some tips to help you land that Thanksgiving dinner.