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Sarah Corell was born and raised in the midwest. She is an avid camper, hiker, photographer, and nature enthusiast. She has hiked her hometown trails of Michigan, rugged parts of the Appalachian Trail, the majestic Rockies, the arid deserts of the southwest, and the tropical rainforests of Thailand, Cambodia, Peru and Hawai'i. Sarah currently lives in Honolulu with her husband and their cat, Akasha. Read her personal blog and check out her Sarah Corell Photography Facebook page.

There aren’t that many places in Hawaii where you can escape into the wilderness for some backcountry hiking. On Maui, there is the famous Haleakala Crater, which resembles a desert moon crater. It truly is a place like no other.

Watching the lava flow at night is a spectacular sight, one you'll never forget. Here's how to enjoy the beautiful wonderments of what Hawaii has to offer.

The lure of palm trees, rugged volcanic cliffs, the smell of the Pacific Ocean, and fresh island fish guaranteed to make your mouth salivate....