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Joe Byers has more than 1,000 magazine articles in print and is currently a field editor with Whitetail Journal, Predator Xtreme, Whitetails Unlimited, Crossbow Revolution, and African Hunting Journal magazines. He’s spent the last three decades depicting the thrill of the chase and photographing the majesty of all things wild. Byers is a member of the Professional Outdoor Media Association and numerous other professional and conservation organizations.

New Ravin Crossbow Delivers Unmatched Downrange Accuracy Through Exclusive Technology ...

New crossbows have gotten faster, yet little else has changed until now. Last week I hunted with Justin Leesman, Marketing Director for Ravin Crossbows...

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Keep these four points in mind as you take hero shots with your cell phone.

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Sharing the outdoors with Wyoming residents is as much a treat as the incredible scenery.

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Here's how the moon will affect deer behavior in the following weeks.

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The Challenge of Early Season Blood Trails

Here's a great piece on early season blood trailing

Yes, Stuffed Squirrel Can Make for a Gourmet Recipe [VIDEO]

Want to spice up a great camp lunch? Try squirrel. That's right -- squirrel!

Activity at the Elk Wallow [VIDEO]

Hunting a waterhole or elk wallow takes patience. This Stealthcam video shows that being at the right place at the right time is key to success.

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Check out these great tips for placing trail cameras when hunting public land.

6 Early-Season Deer Hunting Mistakes: How to Avoid and Correct

Don't make these six early-season mistakes.