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This young guy thinks he is tough, and he is very anxious to show the camera. He attempts to fire this behemoth revolver with just his left hand. Well, it did not go as planned. Watch what happened.

A Colorado man is lucky to be alive after 3 coyotes attack him on his way to work. The man walking to work was surprised to see coyotes rush out of the dark and attack him. Check out the full report.

Hickory Creek Archery has come up with a game changing crossbow. This bullpup vertical crossbow is a marvel in modern technology. This is a super accurate bow that you have to see to believe. Check it out.

From managed food plots to wild-growing browse plants, here are the top 10 foods in the Southeast that will help keep your deer happy and healthy throughout the year.

Just when this man thinks that he has killed a snake, and it no longer poses a threat, the beheaded copperhead latches on to its own tail. You won't believe your eyes!

It never ceases to amaze me the incredible and weird methods people use to start a fire, like with a guitar pick. This is one of those unique ideas you might not think of using to help get a fire going. Its simplicity will blow your mind.

Venomous snake season is upon us. Watch this video to learn if the snake you’ve seen is dangerous or not. It could save your life or the life of your loved ones.

Native American tribes battle with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service over planned sport hunting of rejuvinated grizzly population in Yellowstone.

Ever wanted to see a leopard stalking prey? The shots in that video almost look fake at times, but the incredible view that had never been witnessed in such clarity before brings new light to the mystique of the leopard.

Killing a hog from a helicopter with a bow just might be a first in the world of hunting.