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Anti-Drone ‘Rifle’ Can Bring Down Any Drone [VIDEO]

This anti-drone system uses radio pulse to disable a drone without blasting it out the sky. It has a range of 400 meters. Bet you'd like to get your hands on one, wouldn't you?

Extraordinary Deformity Found on Mountain Lion

Fish and game officials in Idaho were stumped after looking at images of a mountain lion that was harvested in Weston, Idaho. The youngling appears to have fangs growing out of its forehead. Find out what probably caused this bizarre affliction.

Hunting Dog Run Over by Whitetail [VIDEO]

Watch as a hunting dog brings shame upon his entire lineage when he's knocked over by a racing deer.

For This Hunting Family, a Clean Truck is Essential [VIDEO]

For this father-and-son hunting team, the proper upkeep and maintenance of their vehicles is an essential ingredient to successful hunting.

Rio Ammunition Announces Conservation Partnership with Delta Waterfowl

Rio Ammunition enters a partnership that will help preserve our hunting heritage for the future duck hunters of America.

Jaguar Attacks, Hauls Off Crocodile [VIDEO]

Watch as an intrepid jaguar blitz-attacks an unsuspecting crocodile.

New Goose Decoy is Most Flexible Ever [VIDEO]

Here's an ingenious way to make your goose decoy spread different than every other spread around.

Win an Exclusive Kansas Hunting Getaway

Enter to win a two-day upland bird hunting experience of a lifetime. One winner and a guest will hunt pheasant and quail in central Kansas. Hurry, contest ends soon!

This Spray Will Have Deer Beating Down Your Door [VIDEO]

A new product offers real deer urine in an aerosol spray. Spread scent particles that attach to vegetation and travel through the air to attract deer from a distance. See it in action.

See How Antlers Grow on a Huge Elk [VIDEO]

See how antlers grow, week by week, on one of the biggest elks in the world.