Ohio Bowhunter Bags Incredibly Rare Piebald Buck

Ohio Bowhunter Bags Incredibly Rare Piebald Buck


This rare piebald buck killed in Ohio is one of the most remarkable harvests we’ve seen this season.

Bowhunter James Hottle hunted the piebald buck on his 30-acre property in St. Louisville on Oct. 26. Piebald deer are incredibly rare, as most don’t survive to adulthood. They’re even rarer than albino deer.

Hottle brought the deer to North Fork Deer Processing. Owner Jerry said he’s processed countless deer and probably won’t see another piebald buck in the near future.

“This is like the deer hunters (Ark of the Covenant)” Corbin told the Newark Advocate. “Everyone wants a big buck, but a piebald is like the holy grail.”

Corbin also called the harvest is a “once-in-a-lifetime deer.”

Hottle plans to have the rare animal mounted and will enjoy the 45 pounds of meat he gained from the harvest.

Photo: Jessica Phelps/The Advocate


  1. OK so I am an avid hunter and enjoy it as much as anyone but if this animal is so rare why would you kill it? If it’s so rare is it an endangered species which is illegal to hunt? Just asking question to be more educated please don’t take these questions in a wrong way.  It just seems odd you would kill such a rare animal no matter where it was.

    • It’s not something you can protect. It’s not its own species, it is a genetic mutation in the fur color. In lehmans terms, it’s a birth “defect”.

    • It’s not endangered. Just like an albino, it’s still the same species. You just don’t see animals come out with the piebald coloring very often. Which makes it a “once in a lifetime hunt”, kind of like getting the biggest record bull or buck.

    • Whitetail deer are not endangered. Its just a deer with funky colors. Why harvest it… because he wants the meat.

    • We have turned into a knee jerk, no bother to learn the facts, society. Most people come straight out and start condemning. This is just an ordinarily dormant gene that causes these deer to be half normal, and half albino. That is the only thing that makes them rare. It’s not like the mutation dies with this deer. Do we make sure albino men and women are given better food and access to more mates because we are afraid albinos will cease to exsist? No. Does a wolf care what color a deer is? No. Are hunters there to perform the task of the top predator because people don’t want wolves living next to populated areas? Yes. Should the weakest deer be harvested or the strongest deer? Think about it.

    • piebald is a genetic mutation like albino its not a new species, or old species its a runt of the litter that only happens so often

    • Piebald’s aren’t a different species of deer. The hide patterning is just a very rare genetic mutation. Kind of like a whitetail with albinism, just more rare. There’s no laws against taking such animal.

    • The article also states the rarely survive into adulthood. So why not take it…I pass on young bucks and does all day long, take the older one but knowing it’s mortality rate I would have to say go for it. Great job

    • How would it be an endangered species? It is still the same species…. It is just a rare color morph. If he didn’t kill it, most likely someone else would. At least he took it to a taxidermist, instead of letting the beautiful fur of the animal go to waste.

  2. The idea about piebalds being more rare than albinos is absolutely not factual. I have personally studied them for over 25 years. I have seen dozens of piebalds, but have never seen a true albino. Most piebalds have some sort of physical defect. Many have shorter front legs than rear legs and they often have a noticeable hump on the bridge of the nose or the face is noticeably short. I have even seen some with underbites or overbites. There is absolutely no reason not to harvest a piebald, as the genetics are inferior.

  3. Unethical? I don’t even see where age was mentioned. You can’t judge a bucks age by the size of it’s horns or even by body size. I shot an 8 point Piebald years ago and didn’t realize it was a piebald until I walked up on it. It’s legs were piebald not the whole body.

  4. Piebald is a genetic mutation like albino, its not a endangered species, or its on species, its a regular deer that got the short straw and is the runt of the breed

  5. hey! I hunt in Ga. and have seen a few over the years. Oct. 2014 I killed a 8 point with almost a 18 in. outside spread that had almost as much white as brown .

  6. piebalds are not more rare than albinos. i personaly have seen several and have friends who have seen several. none of us have ever saw a true albino. just a clarification.

  7. We have\e dozens of piebald whitetails here on Seabrook Island, SC. The all seem the usual except for coloring.

  8. I have killed 5 of them here in delaware. All of them had some sort of abnormality. Most had and overbite and short legs. Some of them had both and a large roman nose.

  9. We had a doe that lived around our hunting camp in South Carolina for 5 or 6 years. She had normal twins ever year. I shot a 7 point about 20 miles away that was 80% white with brown patches. It was 7 to 8 years old from ageing the teeth and the front legs were shorter then the back legs.
    Its photo was in Deer and Deer Hunting Nov. 2009. I had a full mount done

  10. in south al. im not going to say there common but a couple or more a year are usualy harvested. I was told it is from inbreading?. I have personaly seen a couple of them. we have a poor buck to doe ratio. the first one that I saw was a doe it had large moles ? on its front legs. after a discussion with others we felt the animal was unfit to eat. so we took it to the gut pit and discarded the hole thing. the second one I saw was a spike that walked under my stand a couple times. I didn’t take it because of the six point rule our club had. but the grandson of the president sitting in my stand the same rules didn’t apply to him and he took it. they did a full body mount of the deer. besides the color I would have to agree with others something was wrong with this deer. I personaly no the taxidermist he had to make several modifacations to the mount. it had short front legs the nose just didn’t fit. he is very good at his job but that is the ugliest deer I have ever seen.

  11. I’ve killed two in my life both in Richland county south Carolina. And seen a few more but never a blue eyed albino..both I shot had the hump nose yall are mentioning..

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