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Ohio Town Considers Paintball Guns for Nuisance Deer

Whitetail deer hunting is a crazy experience.

Some sportsmen sit in freezing weather an entire day and never see a deer, while in small towns and suburbs all across the country, deer are so plentiful that they’re a nuisance, even a danger to life and property.

Such is the case in the town of Avon Lake, Ohio, where deer populations have expanded despite attempts to curb the growth. Local government has taken steps to reduce the problem, yet one councilman is proposing a controversial solution.

Hunters in the Ohio town of Avon Lake rejoiced last month after a new ordinance allowed year-round bow hunting for the purpose of managing the deer population. However, City Council member WV Deer 2013 040Dave Kos recently introduced a new alternative that has come under criticism by wildlife officials: using paintballs to scare the animals away.

“It’s been discussed with Ohio Department of Natural Resources (DNR) that shooting a deer near the hoof with a paintball gun will get them to scatter,” Kos told The Elyria Chronicle-Telegram.

Kos, who believed that the ordinance was less than safe, proposed the paintball solution for residents who had nuisance deer, but were either unable to procure a deer control permit or were unwilling to use firearms.


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