Massive Canadian Black Bear Taken with a Crossbow

Massive Canadian Black Bear Taken with a Crossbow [VIDEO]


This video, posted by Keith Warren, documents his first black bear taken with a crossbow.

This black bear hunt happened in Saskatchewan, Canada, with an organization called Woody River Trophy Hunts, owned and operated by Lance Miller. Miller was working with Magnum Outfitters this time around to take Warren out bear hunting.

Warren shot his huge black bear at night, so he was not able to recover it at that moment due to safety regulations, despite the fact that he clearly took it down with one shot. The bear only made it 60 yards after being shot.

Warren chose to use a crossbow for the simple reason that he wanted to. It is a unique way to hunt, so why not try something new?

Warren says, “there’s not a lot of hunting pressure up here,” in the eastern Saskatchewan area, which means the bears and the deer get pretty big.

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