Sharpen Your Aiming Skills with These Western-Themed Targets

Sharpen Your Aiming Skills with These Western-Themed Targets


Two new Western-themed targets from Birchwood Casey add a lot of excitement to practice sessions, all while serving a very useful purpose for archers and muzzleloading sportsmen.

3-D archery elk targets can be quite large and very expensive. At approximately two feet by four feet, these paper images aren’t life-size, but they’re large enough to teach the importance of shot placement.

Archers and muzzleloaders should avoid aiming at the shoulder on an elk, like a centerfire rifleman, as the heavy shoulder muscles and shoulder blade often reduces penetration to a few inches, and neither the muzzleloading lead bullet or broadhead will enter the vitals. Now, a new set of well-marked targets from Birchwood Casey will help you zero in on the critical lung area, a shot on elk that is quickly lethal. Here are the details.

byers011The new Eze-Scorer Animal Targets from Birchwood Casey offer shooters a cost effective way to get realistic practice while sighting in their gun or bow. Eze-Scorer Animal Targets are now available in high quality photo versions of both elk and mule deer. The non-adhesive heavyweight paper targets measure 23″x35″. Each target has the vitals outlined so shooters can easily see if their shots are effective. Eze-Scorer elk and mule deer targets come in packs of two and sell for $5.40.


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