New Trophy Bass Destination in Mexico


I don’t know about you, but once or twice a year I try to go somewhere outside my home fisheries to fish. Sometimes the motivation is to cross a new species off my bucket list. Other times, the motivation is simply to do something I enjoy doing, but in a different place. There’s a new fishing resort in Mexico that’s angling to attract anglers who fall into that second frame of mind.

Recently, several writers were invited to Lake Picachos, just outside Mazatlan Mexico. Lake Picachos aims to be on your bucket list of fishing destinations. Read about the adventure awaiting you at this inviting location in this preview from Outdoor Life.

picachos_bassLast month, myself and two other writers were invited by Billy Chapman of Anglers Inn to fish Lake Picachos: a 5-year-old, 16,000-acre reservoir outside of Mazatlan, Mexico. We were among the first handful of Americans to fish the lake, which is being touted as “The Next El Salto.”

For three days we ran crankbaits, worms, jigs, and topwater poppers over and around Picachos’ seemingly endless jungle of flooded timber. We caught a ton of fish — the morning topwater bite was especially frenzied — but most of the bass fell in the 2- to 3-pound range. We landed a few fives and a single 6 pounder, but the 10-pound-plus bass, which are the reason an angler would travel to Mexico to bass fish, were MIA.

So is Picachos a bust? Far from it.

Photos: Outdoor Life