Woman Attacked by Rabid Deer

Woman Attacked by Rabid Deer [VIDEO]

WV Deer 2013 040Rabies is a terrible disease to all mammals that contract it.

Although rarely found in whitetail deer, the young doe in the following video was obviously sick and nearly attacked a woman. Fortunately, her quick thinking saved the day, and two customers of a nearby fast-food restaurant raced over and helped control the animal.

This is an amazing story that every outdoors person should see.


  1. The important question:
    1- did the persons that help control the deer had any shin injury that may get in contact with the saliva of the animal? If positive, preventive measures must be taken.
    2-how did the animal got the disease ?. From another mammal or from a bat?. It is important so further control measures of this deadly disease must be taken.

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