From the Weird Dept: Three-Legged Bear Walks Like a Person

From the Weird Dept: Three-Legged Bear Walks Like a Person [VIDEO]

Is this video of a wild three-legged bear walking like a human real or fake?

The three-legged bear in the video below walks so much like a person that you might think it’s a guy wearing a bear suit.

The footage has been circulating the web for several years, and it’s reportedly been featured on a few TV shows. We don’t know when or where it was filmed, nor do we know if it’s real or fake, but I’m inclined to say it’s legitimate.

There have been a handful of documented cases of four-legged animals that lost their limbs and later adapted to bipedal movement.

Anyways, check out this clip and let us know what you think.

So, is this a wild bear that adapted to a handicap, or is it clever editing, or maybe a guy in a bear costume?

What I’m wondering is if the cub that was the three-legged bear also learned to walk on its hind legs.

If you know anything more about this video, we’d love to hear from you.

Oh, and as for those documented cases that I mentioned before of animals learning to walk on their hind legs, this dog is one of them:


Do you think the video of the three-legged bear is real or fake? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. Looks legit to me. For one thing, the hind feet are too small for a full grown human and you see the bear rise very fluidly from the ground to standing. I don’t believe a person could do that in a bear suit with such ease. Then there is the cub hanging around…..

  2. I see no reason to believe the video is fake or altered. It’s reasonable to believe that this bear has adapted to his dissability and has learned how to best survive after losing his front leg.

  3. Yes any real hunter can see its a definite real live bear….seen one BEFORE here in Vermont but wasn’t as good with walking on hind legs yet. ….

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