2 Delicious Venison Loin Recipes You Must Taste

2 Delicious Venison Loin Recipes You Must Taste


The past extremely cold winter may have kept you away from the barbecue grill, resulting in more venison than usual in your freezer. Now that summer has arrived, this is a great time to raid that frozen venison and treat your friends and family to a meal they won’t forget. Bernie Barringer lays out two easy-to-prepare venison recipes in this OutdoorHub post.

Meat-2-400x266[1]One of the best things about hunting is, of course, all the great meat free from preservatives and any other chemicals that might be found in store-bought fare. Wild game meat is organic, it’s “green,” and it’s really good! I put three deer in the freezer last fall, and I am lamenting the fact that my supply of venison is almost gone. I make a lot of roasts in the slow cooker and a good portion of my venison was made into breakfast sausage and burger. I also make a lot of sausage out of bear meat. But one of the best delicacies of all is deer loin. Some people call them backstraps, but whatever you want to call them, they are tender and juicy and delicious—if you fix them properly.

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