Top Tips For Trophy Angling From Shore

Top Tips For Trophy Angling From Shore


Boaters have advantages over shore-based anglers. Obviously, a boater can reach deeper water fishing spots that are inaccessible to even the most skilled shore caster. You can also readily speed from spot to spot aboard a boat. Sometimes, even when you can cast to the same spot from the shore, the angle and direction of the retrieve is preferable from a boat.

bankFacing all these obstacles to success, what does a shore angler do? If you answered “Just accept it,” the good news is you don’t have to! It’s harder to fish for trophy-sized fish from the shore, but not impossible. In this article, experienced shore fisherman Bruce Condello offers his top tips for shore success.

Fishing methodology for the shore-bound angler contains an inherent contradiction. Inability to quickly change locations implies the need for more flexibility in regards to lure/bait selection. But the fact that much of your efforts will involve foot-travel, simplicity is absolutely imperative.

This dichotomy is best solved by rigging several different rod/reel spinning combinations and bringing them all along. I will often travel with four separate spinning rigs, all with a slightly different application.

Although not an absolute requisite, a high-quality spinning rod can give two strong advantages to the shore angler. I can cover better than 90 percent of my applications with only two rods. The G-Loomis SJR 720 6’ Mag-Light with extra fast action, combined with the G-Loomis SJR 781 6’6” Light , with fast action, will cover you from 1/32-ounce all the way to 3/8-ounce presentations.

Photos: Bruce Condello for Fishing Scout


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