Tireject Emergency Tire Repair

Tireject Emergency Tire Repair [VIDEO]


A flat tire can be a disaster on any hunting or camping trip. Even if you have a spare, where can you get a tire repaired in a remote location and not get “taken” in the process? The Tireject Tire Repair kit can be a hunt-saver in this situation; it allows you to repair a tire on your car, truck, quad… any tire that requires air pressure. This instructional video was surely written by a teacher as the process is exceeding clear and easily understood. Check out the video and see more about this new product at tireject.com.


    • Hi Dustin, our product is available online at http://www.tireject.com. We are here to try and repair the bad image of tire sealant – this stuff actually works and can be used to repair a flat tire or leaky tire. You can also pre-dose your off road tires and prevent flats, you won’t be disappointed with the results. If you decide to try it out we have a summer deal right now, you can get 20% off using discount code “summer2014” during checkout. Thanks!

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