Deer-Hunting Boots Make Great Turkey-Hunting Gear

Deer-Hunting Boots Make Great Turkey-Hunting Gear


SD Turkey 2014 294Tall rubber boots have been a staple of deer hunters for years. Irish Setter’s ExoFlex boots fit so well and travel so comfortably, I wore a pair hunting elk in Wyoming last year. Thing is… they make great turkey boots as well.

Thanks to Federal Express, I was able to nab a pair one day before a recent turkey trip, so I wore them with no break-in time. Ordinarily, this is a real no-no for any boot, yet the ExoFlex fits so snugly and comfortably there was no rubbing or abrasion. Pick up a pair of these in a sporting goods store and your first impression is how light they are.

I hunted one morning by sitting in two inches of snow and my feet stayed warm with a single pair of socks. At 17 inches tall, they allow you to ford most streams or slosh around in swamps without getting your feet wet. They go on easily and come off the same way. Check out ExoFlex boots at


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