Caught on Camera: Grizzly Bear Attacks Ranger

Caught on Camera: Grizzly Bear Attacks Ranger


Reintroducing grizzly bears into the wild can be a dangerous gig.

The man in the above photo knows all about that.

According to Field & Stream, Montana State Game Warden Louis Kis was attempting to relocate an adult grizzly bear that was captured for killing a cow on an Indian reservation in Kalispell, Montana. Before it was released, the bear was tranquilized, tagged and fitted with a radio collar and driven out to Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness in the back of a pickup truck. Photographer Richard P. Smith accompanied Kis and his fellow rangers on the relocation mission.

The bear quickly turned on Kis after he opened its cage. Smith had just loaded a fresh roll of film and captured the incident on his camera from 50 yards away. The following pictures show one of the most dangerous bear attacks we’ve ever seen captured on camera.

Kis initially had difficulty lifting up the door to the bear’s cage.

When the bear got out of the cage, Kis yelled to the driver to go forward.

The bear bit Kis in the leg during the altercation.

You can fill in the blank for what Kis was thinking or saying at this moment in time.

Kis was wearing a camera, which the bear latched onto when he fell to the ground.

Kis was able to escape. He drew his pistol and dispatched the bear.

The bear bit Kis’s leg, which he also fractured in the fall from the truck.

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  1. Well that didn’t go as planned. Glad he not to severely injured and was able to defend himself. Bear was just being a bear…shame he had to be put down! OH Well! He tried.

  2. So because of their incompetence the bear is now dead. bravo gentlemen Maybe tie down the container next time..

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