GPS for Anglers

GPS for Anglers [VIDEO]


Bushnell has introduced a new portable, easy-to-use personal GPS device for anglers. GPS devices are nearly standard equipment for hunters and hikers, but it’s easy to get lost on the water, especially if an unexpected fog rolls in. The simple and affordable FishTrack provides anglers of all skill levels with a palm-sized tool to help them spend less time searching for fish and more time reeling them in.


2527[1]Built on the BackTrack platform, FishTrack allows anglers to store up to 25 distinct waypoints and provides simple distance and direction back to marked locations while the integrated digital compass provides universal latitude and longitude coordinates. In addition, FishTrack offers a host of valuable information including time, temperature, solunar information, weather conditions, and barometric pressure. This quick and informative video highlights the many features in this tiny device.

Photos: Bar Jack Fishing (top); Bushnell (above)


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