Jerks Caught on Cam: Worst Hunting Day Ever

Jerks Caught on Cam: Worst Hunting Day Ever [VIDEO]


We could barely believe our eyes and ears watching this one, y’all.

Every year at the beginning of fall, and oftentimes much sooner, deer hunters get out in the woods to scout, hang treestands, and look for possible threats to their hunt. Bagging a deer takes a lot of due diligence as well as patience, so imagine if all of that went to waste because of some ornery jerks who don’t know a single bit of hunting etiquette.

That’s the story of YouTube user JaseHunter, who hunts out of Northeastern Pennsylvania, and had one heck of a terrible start to his season back in 2011. You’ll find characters of every variety in this one:

  • The guy who drives his truck right up to the stand
  • The guy who drives an ATV everywhere, claiming to be disabled
  • The guy who brings out airhorns to scare your deer away

It’s hard to believe you could get this trifecta into one video, but JaseHunter was able to do just that in only two days. Watch the video below to see this absurdity.

What in the heck is the problem around there? Are people uneducated, or just downright rude? We’re leaning toward the latter, as it’s obvious by JaseHunter’s note in the video that the Game Wardens never came out, so perhaps these folks know they can get away with their awful behavior.

There’s not much you can do in these situations if the warden refuses to come and address the issue. JaseHunter did the right thing by not engaging with these folks anymore than he had to. People like that are always looking for a fight.

Have you ever had to deal with a hunting situation like this? Would you have reacted differently than JaseHunter? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. I grew up hunting in South Jersey… The same stuff happens there… I was sitting in the stand during a 3 day muzzleloader season. Some guy comes walking by my stand… We cut a trail that was 2 miles long to get to this spot through a snake infested swamp that was the thickest cover I’ve ever been through. Dude saw our truck found our trail… and decided he would set up a stand at the other end of the field… same week, one morning i’m sitting in another stand took off school to go hunt which I rarely ever do. Some jerk sees our truck walks up our trail, sees my bait pile (baiting is legal in NJ) then proceeds to set up about 40 yards from the pile… I phoned my dad who was with me and we confronted the guy. Ethically I cracked the breach on my gun, confronted him, and was talking politely with him. Then the guy just decides to start freaking out and yelling and points his loaded gun at my dad who was bowhunting at the time. I figured enough was enough, closed the breach and put the muzzle right in his teeth because he was threatening to shoot my father. The dude leaves… we come back from the hunt to find our tire slashed. what a jerk, when we phoned fish and game they told us there was nothing they could do because it was public land yet he vandalized our property. We decide to go back out later that afternoon, and a we get a call from a buddy asking for help because the guy did the same thing to him, and he had no spare tire… People used to try to jump our property down there as well. we had a 5 acre piece that our house was on we used to hunt as well… At least when they set tree stands up on my property i had the right to take them down… Why is there no ethics in hunting anymore? Why must people crap on the months worth of work that people put into trying to have a successful season? Why can’t they just do the same? I’ll never hunt in New Jersey again, im glad I moved to New Hampshire… Thats where the big deer are anyways.

    • I had similar problems in New Jersey and had stands stolen, spent months scouting and baiting only to have people come through and ruin my hunt on a friends farm where I had permission and they didn’t. I quit hunting in NJ completely and hunt with friends in the Shenandoah Valley and will be hunting a friends farm in Pennsylvania.

  2. My brother and I had our hunt ruined when a group of guys and their dog started hunting on our property. They came onto our place by driving their ATV’s through a neighbouring quarry and then over our fence. They told me they had lost their way and didn’t know they were hunting on our property…I said that is hard to believe since you had to cross a fence to get here and there are/were no breaks in that fence the day before! There dog came barking and growling up to me and they did nothing to stop it or call it back until I told them they had better get that dog on a rope. They left before my brother could get over to my watch and when he yelled for them to stop they just hurried away. Guess they figured I was just some stupid girl and they could get away with acting oblivious and lost…NOPE! I told them they had 5 minutes to get their butts back to their ATV’s and off my property or I was calling the cops! Hate when people have no respect for other peoples property and hunts!

  3. Well.. it seems to me, that this guy likes to hunt where everyone one else hunts…. i know if im going to set up a tree stand and put effort into a hunt.. im going to prospect the area before i set anything up.. cameras help… tracks from tires.. people ect… .. dont bitch about other hunters if your ganna put up a tree stand in a area that is visited daily by other hunters… dont be lazy… get out in the bush .. and work for your harvest

    • Exactly why I love living and hunting in Texas. If there’s a fence, you can legally shoot tresspassers, long as you post a sign stating that you will. Their fault for not reading the warning.

  4. That’s yankees for ya. 0 respect. I love how that guy takes time out of his day to ruin another person’s day. Makes me sick.

    • Yankees? Have you ever hunted in the north? We have dogs the size of the deer in the south. We are just smart about it and talk to local farmers and land owners about the ability to lease land. You hillbilly, sister fornicating, toothless, goat herders stroll off into the woods, drink beer, and shoot at trees like asshats.

  5. You are obviously a drama queen idiot! If it is so terrible and you hate it so much, why return for 14 years? Maybe you need to do a bit of scouting and get back in, not aside of houses and in residential areas. There are thousands and thousands of acres of land to hunt in PA and you will never come across another soul. Looks to me like you just want hits on a video. Being a PA hunter since I was a kid, I invite you to never step foot in our great state again, no loss on our end!

  6. Some of the people’s post here are idiots. He is on private lands the he leased. Those people are trespassing into his area. SMH…

  7. It’s private lands he’s been hunting over 14 years that he leased. Why should he have to go scout public lands? Why are idiots trespassing into his land and idiots commenting on the video who’s saying he should go find a new spot…

  8. Pennsylvania is a Great State to hunt in. Why would you return to the same area with homes nearby for 14 years. Sounds kinda dumb on your part. People probably dont like you hunting there right on top of thier homes. Get out in the woods my friend to hunt, there are thousands of acres to hunt Pa and you can hunt with out seeing a road or people. Stop cutting down out great state. Sounds like your from the city.

  9. I’m not sure what your state laws are in your state but in the great state of MN it is against the law to scare or prevent deer from being hunted . They can get a fine or even serve time.

  10. This guy is an idiot !! Most of the A**Holes hunting in NE Pa are not even from Pennsylvania !! I get a kick out of all the ” outsiders ” that come pulling in days before season with 3 or 4 four wheelers per trailer and shoot round after round of ammo just to hear their gun go off !! Then hunt wherever they want …

    • same up in northern Wisconsin. We hunt MFLO land and some people from down south own 300 acres adjacent to the MFLO land. I get in my stand at 6 AM and at about 7:30 a guy from the adjacent land comes down and sits 50 yards from my tree stand. Unfortunately because the land is public there was nothing I could do. But I mean if you own 300 acres for nothing but hunting deer one week of the year you think you could have some etiquette and hunt your land or at least go to a different part of the MFLO land instead of ruining my hunt.

  11. Stop whining. I hunt public lands. Shared w off road bikers. The deer get used to it.
    Maybe move off the damn road lol

  12. I hunt Mn. For the last 4 years we have everything from a man and a child walking through our proprty in a red dress while he carries a shotgun passing 30 yards from our turkey blind. Oops sorry we’ll go around. To where I ask since you are on 180 river locked private acres. To horseback riding and 4-wheelering neighbors caught on camera scoping out our stands with dogs and kids and picnics 2 days before opening. To my all time favorite, the idiot who got lost so spent the nite in my blind and built a big fire to keep warm and proceeded to drive around the entire property after it got lite until I finally caught up to his 4-wheeler and drove his drunk butt out of our woods. People have I o respect for hunters any more and for those of us who rely on that meat to feed our kids for a year it is frustrating.

  13. I worked for 3 years to track the movements of a nice 180-190 class whitetail, and I door knocked until I got permission to hunt his rub line and his bedding area. Had him on camera regularly in front of my stand the week before Ohio deer season opened. However, once the season opened the neighbor decided to put up some HUGE speakers at the edge of the property and began blasting “Rhinestone cowboy” repeatedly into the woods every day when he knew we were out there. The deer never came back. I also had him on camera peeing around my stand which was on private property.

  14. I had this happen to me plenty of times hunting here in pa. I had guys stand right in front of me when I was on the ground. My dad and I had one guy come down off the mountain on a horse. We looked at each other like what in the world if we were the type of hunters that would just pull up and shoot because there are some hunters out there that they will and they use the expression if it’s brown it’s down. That poor horse would of got shot or so would the guy. This guy has a lot of passions I would tell those guys to get the heck outta there before I would call the game warden. Those people are complete idiots.

    • Anyone that would shoot a horse for a deer is the kind of people that do not need to be hunting. Anyone who was raised and taught to hunt safely and responsibly will never take a shot without knowing exactly 100% what you’re shooting at and knowing there’s nothing to interfere with the shot so it’ll be a clean humane kill.

  15. Had a guy couple yrs ago down south in Hope, Arkansas try and say I was hunting on his land while I was in a stand that I had permission to hunt on. After I got off the stand to try and explain to the guy I had permission to be their he starts acting crazy waving his .45 around. It’s the middle of gun season and I had my 270 on my shoulder this whole time. As I start to walk away, run from this guy when his back was turned at a fast pace. He jumps in his truck and starts chasing me down the power lines luckily it was muddy bc he couldn’t go that fast while my buddy I was trying to get back to was up in a tree 400yds away watching this go on. After I got to my buddy I was hunting with their was then 2 guns pointing at this guy he got real nice and got in his truck and left. The local game warden wouldn’t do anything. That’s the scarest I’ve ever been in the woods for me and my friend bc he thought he was fixing to have to shoot this guy that was chasing me in his truck. An that was the last time I ever hunted in Hope.

  16. One year in southeast Pennsylvania, someone hammered sickle bar blades into the ground where people parked to go hunting. Many people ended up with a flat tire or two. Don’t think they ever caught the person responsible or not.

  17. Own the land you hunt on. No one but family members and our guest. I catch you trespassing, dare I say poaching on my property you’ll be lucky to make it back where you came from. Neighbor has pigs won’t be no evidence left behind. Respect nature and your fellow hunters/human beings.

  18. I hunted in central pa all my life. Fortunately I never had to deal with this kind of behavior from others. Now that I live in South Dakota and hunt on public land I have seen how rude some people can be…

  19. I have hunted in the same spot for 37 yrs . Yes , private land .. I have encountered maybe 2 trespassers in those 37 years .
    I do not hunt near my home .. My home is located right in the middle of Pa Game Lands and I have one thing to say to you about your video … NOT all Pa hunting is like that , so stop saying Pa Hunters !!
    Most encounters the locals seem to run into are ” OUTSIDERS !!” People that pay for a non resident license which they then assume goves them permission to do whatever they want !!
    Rather than videotaping them ( which I think they could sur you for by todays standards)
    Start prosecuting !!!! They’ll stop coming then

  20. Live and hunted Texas all my life. And if something like this happens down here there’s a good chance you’ll prolly get shot at

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