Bird Hunter Makes Astounding One-Handed Catch

Bird Hunter Makes Astounding One-Handed Catch [VIDEO]


This video was taken during a church quail hunting trip in Texas late last year. The camera is focused on the hunter as he’s walking through a field. Somebody yells out, “Coming at ya, coming at ya!” When the hunter looks up, he sees a small quail flying straight for his head. The guy quickly switches to super-intense-focus mode, moves the shotgun to one hand, holds up his other arm and snatches the bird right out of the air. You have to see it to believe it.

The hunter is Matt Carter, the lead pastor at the Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas. You might recognize the other guy at the end of the video: He’s Colt McCoy – former University of Texas quarterback.

We’re guessing Carter also has an athletic background. Just a hunch.

Could you have made the same catch? Let us know in the comments section.

Photo: Wide Open Spaces


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