How to Catch More Trout

How to Catch More Trout


What better way to spend a spring morning than trout fishing, especially after we’ve been blasted by the coldest winter in memory. Ralph Schereder spends 50–60 days trout fishing each year and loves to catch fish. This Bait Fisherman article isn’t about matching the hatch or getting the best drift on a dry fly, but about catching more fish, with bait… the way most of us fish. Schereder shares his experience in this informative post.

Colorado Elk 2010 453Every year I spend at least 50-60 days chasing trout in my home state of Pennsylvania as well as in West Virginia. Fishing that often, I’ve encountered almost every possible water condition and situation imaginable. One thing that helps me catch fish no matter what is this: simplicity always rules.  Here are four ways to simplify your trout tactics.

1) Go light. When stream fishing for trout, ultra light rods, reels, and fishing line are the rules, not the exceptions. Light tackle means the difference between feeling the bit of a trout or a rock on the stream bottom.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons (top)