Wyoming Raffles Deluxe Hunting Tag for $10

Wyoming Raffles Deluxe Hunting Tag for $10


Several western states raffle difficult-to-obtain, big-game licenses to the highest bidder to raise money for conservation. Often these are called “Governor’s tags” or some similar name; they allow a sportsman to hunt any species, any place in the state, for an entire season. Instead of an auction, Wyoming now offers a raffle drawing at an extremely reasonable $10 per chance, or $30 for the Super Trifecta Raffle. The lucky winners will truly have a once-in-a-lifetime hunting opportunity. Someone’s name will be drawn, so why shouldn’t it be yours? Here are the details.

wysheepharvesthuntforever031214[1]Hunters are familiar with Wyoming’s diversity of game species, abundant public lands, and the chance at harvesting a trophy animal. The state has one of the highest harvest success rates for hunters. In 2013, nonresident hunter success rates were very high and make Wyoming a destination for hunters looking for trophy class animals.

As a result of this successful reputation, big game licenses in areas with the potential to harvest trophy animals are extremely sought after. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is raffling off the opportunity to provide hunters not only the chance to win a hunting opportunity for the species of their choosing, but also to pick the area they would like to hunt. This is truly an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The Super Tag Raffle will be one drawing for a hunting license for each of the following species:





◾Big Horn Sheep

◾Black Bear

◾Gray Wolf

◾Mountain Goat

◾Mountain Lion

◾Wild Bison