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Product Spotlight: Prois Turkey Jacket for Women

Whether you’re an outdoor gal or the guy who loves her, Prois Hunting has a great turkey-hunting jacket for female hunters, on sale at a 20% discount. When we’re sitting against a tree, being as still as stone, we don’t want to stand out. However, for the other 95% of the time, we count on camo clothing to blend well, break the wind, carry gear, and fit well… exactly the elements you’ll find in this coat. Here are the details from Prois.

Perfect for turkey season! The Pro-Edition Jacket is the go-to jacket for the spring hunts! Windstopper technology. Soft brushed tricot exterior for silence. Pockets located between the shoulder blades to house activated handwarmers. Thumbholes for warmth and concealment. Removable hood. Deep lumbar compartment across the lower back.