Angry Birds: Watch Toms Attack Decoys

Angry Birds: Watch Toms Attack Decoys [VIDEO]

Hunters that have spent hundreds of hours attempting to coax a spring gobbler into shotgun range may not believe that tom will ever attack. The idea of turkeys coming on a dead run from 100 yards or more, sometimes in bunches? Impossible, right? But have a gander at the following video from MOJO Outdoors. In it, they demonstrate the use of their new Scoot & Shoot gobbler. You’ll be amazed at the effectiveness of a gobbler decoy. I’ve personally witnessed this phenom many times and can attest that it works just like you’ll see in the video.

Before watching, keep two things in mind: First, gobbler decoys can be dangerous and you must use extreme caution, deploying them only in specific situations. Secondly, notice how easily a gobbler can be missed at point-blank range. Check out the video.