Train Your Hunting Dog with an E-Collar

Train Your Hunting Dog with an E-Collar [VIDEO]


Electric (shock) collars are one of the most effective means of dog training, whether you want to teach an energetic pointer to hunt closer or a stubborn pup to simply obey commands. This being a sensitive issue, D.T. Systems pro-staff member and distinguished dog trainer Dan Ihrke helpfully shows how to properly introduce your dog to e-collar conditioning. Dan covers the basics of what a proper e-collar working level is and how to teach the dog to respond to corrections. Dan also talks about how to slowly introduce e-collar conditioning in a way that’s most effective for training.

Viewers will be able to follow along as D.T. the dog is trained from a puppy to an expert hunting dog. Along the way, you’ll pick up valuable information and training tips you can apply to your own training regimen. Trained by Ihrke, D.T. is a fox red Labrador retriever and will serve as the star of this video series.