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Product Spotlight: Winchester XR Turkey Loads


A shot at 40 yards or closer is the gold standard for most turkey hunters, and many savvy sportsmen prefer birds at half that range. However, the woods doesn’t come with yard markers like a football field, and if you’re scrunched down in front of a tree, gauging distance can be tricky. For this reason, most hunters want as much range as possible from turkey loads to maintain a margin of error. Winchester has redesigned their shot-shell system and recently introduced the new Longbeard XR load. Along with the info below, check out their website, which shows patterns at 40, 55, and 70 yards. Pretty cool!

MD Turkey 2012 052It’s time to go farther with Winchester Long Beard XR. Featuring new-to-the-world Shot-Lok Technology. Long Beard XR offers the tightest patterns and longest shot capability of any traditional turkey load in history – with twice the pellets in a 10″ circle out to 60 yards. Long Beard XR has the knockdown power of popular heavier-than-lead loads at a fraction of the cost, meaning it’s a turkey-slamming game changer for hunters looking to push the limits.