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Product Spotlight: McGinn’s Folding Cutting Board


Small items can be a huge convenience, and a folding cutting board solves many problems and can be stored in a small space. In the kitchen, on the boat, at hunting camp… either you can never find the cutting board, or it’s a difficult-to-clean piece of lumber. This folding plank is lightweight, compact, and even floats. Here’s the full description from the manufacturer.

Folding to a quarter of their useable size, the new Plank Folding Cutting Boards from Seth McGinn’s are as easy to pack away as they are functional, lightweight and unbreakable. Made of recycled materials in the U.S., the Plank is also odor and stain-resistant, and it features unique no-pinch hinges.  The ability of the Plank to fold, which makes it perfect to use and store in your kitchen, also makes it perfect to take along on trips. Whether you are hiking, fishing, tailgating or embarking on another kind of adventure, the Plank travels easily. And should your Plank go overboard from your fishing boat, there’s no reason to fret because it floats.

Small_Plank_CutSide_2[1]The Plank is .225-inch thick and is available in three sizes: 8X16, 9X19 and 16X32 inches, and they fold to about a quarter of their original width. The 9X19-inch version, for instance, folds to 9X4.85 inches with a thickness of 0.9 inches and weighs just 20 ounces for easy transport and storage. The Plank will be available at retailers nationwide this spring for $17.99, $24.99 and $49.99 respectively.