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Top 12 Taxidermy Displays at SCI

The Safari Club International convention in Las Vegas is the best celebration of hunting in the world. Sure, it’s a great place to meet friends and book hunts of all types around the world, yet the taxidermy displays of big-game animals are absolutely amazing.

Above, the African lion is one of the most feared predators on earth, whether you have four legs or two. The image at the top of the page captures the impending death to anything (or one) who gets this close.

Here are the rest of my picks for the top 12 taxidermy displays at the SCI convention:

SCI 2014 106

Every Sportsman needs a full size elephant for his game room.

SCI 2014 127

A leopard sleeps on a branch as if it had just caught and eaten dinner.

SCI 2014 054

A mountain goat billy climbs down a mountain with its warm coat to fight tremendous mountain snows. It also make great winter camouflage.

SCI 2014 069

The oscillated turkey of Mexico and Central America is beautiful and needed to complete the world slam of wild turkeys.

SCI 2014 075

Leopards are among the most ferocious cats. If wounded they wait in ambush and attack their stalker with fangs and ripping claws.

SCI 2014 086

The Alaskan moose, North America’s largest deer, shows its massive antlers that are shed each winter and grown again in spring and summer.

SCI 2014 064

Alaska Brown Bears thrive on salmon and use their huge claws to “set the hook.”

SCI 2014 099

A walrus is not your average big game animal, but bull can weight three tons and the money hunters spend directly support local native villages.

SCI 2014 102

The Cape buffalo, often known as black death, is the most sought after of the big 5.

SCI 2014 116

This Alaska brown bear display features a huge brownie defending a walrus carcass from wolves and an eagle. Can you spot the hunters in the picture, a scene that really happened.

SCI 2014 123

Among sheep hunters, the Marco Polo sheep is the top of the mountain. Despite its incredible appearance, populations are still strong in Asia.

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