Hornady Blends Access and Safety for Handguns

Hornady Blends Access and Safety for Handguns


Many sportsmen enjoy shooting handguns, which double as home-protection firearms. On the range, one handles and fires a pistol following strict rules to ensure safety (and fun) for all. Homeowners, however, are faced with a dilemma: Keep the pistol loaded in case of emergency and risk youngsters or others handling it, or keep it unloaded, which can be a problem in the case of a home invasion or similar emergency.

Hornady has solved this difficult situation with the Hornady 001RAPiD Safe, a small home safe that unlocks in four ways: a key, a combination, a card, or the swipe of a rubber bracelet that opens the safe in the blink of an eye. Weighing nearly 16 lbs., this small, sturdy safe exceeds international standards and provides the piece of mind that your ultimate safety net is available when needed.

Develop these three habits and security issues will be a thing of the past: Brush your teeth, kiss your loved ones good night, and put on your bracelet.

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