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ARs Abound at SHOT


Whether you call them modern sporting rifles, black guns, or ARs, tactical gear is creeping (some would say marching) into the hunting world. Ever since the Vietnam War, soliders have been issued AR-type guns and many of today’s veterans want to continue to shoot a rifle with incredible accuracy and virtually no recoil. GunsAmerica focused specifically on guns and, in a recent article, covers a number of introductions in a variety of categories:

If the popularity of the 101-year-old Browning-designed Model 1911 pistol tells us anything, it’s that great guns get even better through the application of modern technology. Remington took a page out of that playbook in the design of its newest pistol, the 9mm R51. What today is a beautiful sub-compact concealed carry gun started in 1917 as the Remington Model 51, designed by John Pederson. Pederson was a contemporary of John Browning, who called him “the greatest gun designer in the world.” Remington based its new gun on the Pederson design, resulting in a pistol with a crisp trigger, reliable action and a low bore to reduce felt recoil.