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A Great Turkey-Season Shotgun


Mossberg introduces a 20-gauge pump that may be the most versatile shotgun on the market no matter your age, sex, or size. What makes this shotgun so unique is the extendable stock than will adjust to your personal length-of-pull with the push of a button. SHOT 2014 2 009Whether you have short arms or rival an NBA star, the stock adjusts for quick and accurate shouldering. In addition, you can easily interchange an AR-style stock and fore-end thanks to the modular engineering of the 500 series. Also, don’t think that a 20-gauge isn’t lethal for turkeys. Team the light and maneuverable turkey tool with Federal heavier-than-lead turkey loads and you can kill ol’ Tom way out there.

Muddy Girl Special#50496_510Mini_20ga_MUDDY_GIRL

Mossberg also offers this unique camouflage color in their Muddy Girl 500, which features removable spacers to make sure the shotgun fits as well as skinny jeans. For all the details, visit mossberg.com.