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New World Record Yukon Moose


If ever there was irony in the meat hunting cliche You can’t eat the horns, this Canadian hunt was it. As countless hunters flocked to Alaska and Canada, paying a premium price for a trophy moose with huge antlers, Heinz Naef was subsistence-hunting, where any moose would meet his needs. Ironically, Naef almost bumped into the new world record:

14CTHD_Showcase3A new world record for Alaska-Yukon moose has been recorded by the Boone and Crockett Club, one of the official record-keeping organizations for big game in North America. On September 25, Heinz Naef of Dawson City, Canada bagged a moose that has been scored at 263-1/8 net at the meeting of the Stewart and Yukon rivers that can be only described as enormous. Even after a lifetime of hunting moose, Naef said that the animal gave him a shock that day.

“He was a big boy and I could see him maybe 60 yards away in the bush. He was trying to weave his enormous antlers through bush,” the hunter recalled in an interview with the CBC.