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Product Spotlight: Advantage Whitetail Blinds


Patience is as important as ever in late season whitetail hunting, yet the elements don’t make long sits very much fun. When your fingers and toes tingle in freezing temperatures, many hunters alternate sitting and standing to boost circulation to their feet, tucking their hands into deep pockets. Some bundle up like the famous tire character from a series of ads. Another option is to use an enclosed blind that will block the wind and insulate you from the cold while providing a view in all directions. These blinds are particularly great in a cold rain, which is pretty much the worst late-season condition. Several of my friends use them and never complain… or offer to share their space, for that matter. Here are the details to help make an informed decision:

Advantageblind21265Even though it is built with the economical hunter in mind, the Whitetail Blind still provides all the bells and whistles one could hope for in a deer stand. This lightweight and virtually maintenance-free blind is weather- and bug-resistant, as well as user-friendly for both the bow and gun hunter, thanks to its through-bolt design and interlocking corners.  Whether you prefer to hunt elevated or on the ground, in a two- or four-person stand, or have access to your blind by way of an outside hinged door or a trap-door-through-the-floor, Advantage Hunting provides you with plenty of options to create your ideal Whitetail Blind.

The standard heavy-duty polyethylene black shell and interior offer excellent coverage. Carpeted, 3/4″ pressure-treated plywood floors throughout further enhance your experience afield. Every Whitetail Blind is equipped with tinted polycarbonate windows that flip up out of your way to provide you with the opportunity to make that text book shot. Tinted corner viewing windows are also built in allowing the hunter to take advantage of a 360-degree view at all times.  If you have been searching for an advantage when it comes to hunting whitetails, you’ve just found it. This season, hunt out of a Whitetail Blind by Advantage Hunting and experience the great outdoors in a whole new way.

For more information on the Whitetail Blind or other Advantage Hunting products, visit advantagehunting.com.