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How to Keep Your Hunt Safe


Hunting can be extremely exciting, emotional, and physically taxing, so much so that some of the basic rules of firearm safety can be forgotten or ignored. Sports teams practice proper procedure extensively, yet during the excitement of the game, athletes often forget important safety checks; the same is true for hunting. If a buddy runs up to your truck telling you that a huge buck just sneaked over the ridge and you know of a shortcut to head it off, it’s easy for him to forget to unload his rifle before climbing in. After after half-dozen pheasant roosters sneak from a point and flush out of range, will you remember to put your shotgun back on safety? This post from the National Shooting Sports Foundation and the Louisiana Department of Wildlife & Fisheries is a great reminder of key safety features:

TX Deer 06 332“This is a time of year when a lot of firearms are in use and in transport,” said Fred Kimmel, LDWF Education Program Manager. “We want everyone who enjoys hunting opportunities in Louisiana to know that materials and resources are available to provide education and important reminders about how to be safe with their firearms in the field, on the range, at home and everywhere in between.” NSSF’s campaign, “The Hunt isn’t Over Until You Are S.A.F.E.” is part of the Project ChildSafe program, which NSSF launched in 1998.