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Hunters Feed Those in Need

Hunters are a generous group; many sportsmen and women donate a portion of the harvest annually to benefit those less fortunate than themselves. After all, the whitetail deer is not only an amazing big-game animal but a tremendous protein resource as well. If your freezer is full of venison with hunting opportunities still ahead, why not consider donating your next animal to the needy? The National Shooting Sports Foundation tabulated the generosity of American sportsmen, and the results are quite impressive:

SD MZ 2012 003When you’re gathering with friends and family this holiday season, here’s a story to tell — thanks to the thoughtfulness and generosity of hunters, nearly 2.8 million pounds of game meat makes its way to shelters, food banks and church kitchens and onto the plates of those in need.  Which state donates the most venison to the needy?  Where can you donate a deer?